Roial (Bar in Austin, Tx)

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I go to Roial for Halloween and was charged $75 for a bunch of drinks I did not ask for or consume.I was pissed and left no tip as I knew I was being overcharged and there were too many people to try and go in there an complain.

Today I looked at my bank account and saw that they charged me $91 AND another $50! They charged me a total of $141 dls when I consumed less than half of it. Now, because of that, I am going to be getting overdraft fees in my debit card!

Do not go there.Music is bad, service is horrible and what is worst than having a bar charge you for something you did not even ask for or consumed!

Go to 6th street bars where the atmosphere is way better, music is way better, drinks are cheaper and they will not get money out of your card just because they probably cannot keep up with their business!

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